About: Like Garden, Nature, Beer, grilling, Hubzilla, Zot
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: M√ľnchen
Description: NorCal Packet Rancher
Location: California, USA
Hometown: Sacramento
Homepage: https://bill.exanimate.net
Keywords: OpenBSD, music, gym, writing, art
About: Admin for zap.exanimate.net
Description: Northern California Packet Rancher
Location: California, US
Hometown: Sacramento
Homepage: https://bill.exanimate.net/
Keywords: bsd, rpg, openbsd, D&D
About: Everything in excess, especially moderation.
Homepage: https://the-wizard.co.za
About: #Introduction Hello! I am Falgn0n The Wizard (not really a wizard). I am an unrelenting optimist and an unapologetic idealist. - also an kind of an #Anarchist Co-admin of #OpenSocialAfrica (we'are aiming for the #SocialCoop / #PlatformCoop model) Founder and admin of "The Freedom Network", [https://librenet.co.za] - which strives to create decentralised social, sharing, communications & freecycling networks at the local community level (also aiming for the #coop model) ... aaand ... I love Wizards
Description: PeteGozzez Osada Channel
Age: 59
Location: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Hometown: Woodside
Homepage: http://tilde.town/~petegozz/Fediverse_Glossary/
About: Fizzed out geek doing some light research for a Fediverse glossary. By actually using platforms.