Homepage: https://tofeo.aga.ovh
Keywords: codeigniter, itil, scrum
About: J'avais un compte mastodon mais apparament je ne suis pas le bienvenu chez framapiaf. On m'a demandé de partir et on a dit que mon compte va être suspendu. Puis mon compte a été supprimé. Ici sur zap pour communiquer avec les comptes activitypub et zot.
Description: Livestock Exporters
Location: Manila, Philippines
Homepage: https://www.australiaslivestockexporters.com/philippines.html
About: Australia's Livestock Exporters provide the best dairy livestock export services to the dairy farmers and food producers in the Philippines. Import top breeder dairy livestock into the Philippines by air or sea.
Description: Quickbooks online accounting
Homepage: https://www.accountwizy.com/quickbooks-online-accounting/
Keywords: QuickBooks, Desktop, Pro
About: quickbooks online accounting
About: Like Garden, Nature, Beer, grilling, Hubzilla, Zot
Location: Ireland
Hometown: Dublin
Keywords: python, scala, developer
Location: Missouri, United States of America
Homepage: https://sethmartin.net
About: Time Magazine Person of the Year - 2006 I'm different.
Description: Lucky - The Little Great Prince
Keywords: dog, prince, Lucky
Location: Europe
Keywords: Ornithologie, birdwatch
Hometown: Düsseldorf
About: I run. 🏃 * My gear * My Races Run with me: my Runlog @ Hubzilla my Runlog @ Wordpress Follow me: @ Hubzilla https://hubloq.net/page/runlog/gear https://hubloq.net/page/runlog/racelist
Description: NorCal Packet Rancher
Location: California, USA
Hometown: Sacramento
Homepage: https://bill.exanimate.net
Keywords: OpenBSD, music, gym, writing, art
About: Admin for zap.exanimate.net
Description: Ego isn't big enough for a title!
About: Free Speech, Security, & Privacy advocate interested in Linux, FOSS, Cyber-Security, Cyber-Forensics, Cloud Services and just technology in general.
Description: Obscure Ninja
Age: 28
Location: California
Hometown: Anaheim
About: Straight forward, outgoing. I like to immerse myself in my work and my environment and create a soothing environment.
Homepage: https://www.sunsetterdallas.com/
Keywords: Sun, Setter, Dallas
Homepage: https://www.colourclinic.com/
Keywords: Microblading, Oakville
Description: Master of Distortion, Maker of Hope
Location: Germany
Hometown: Bremen
Homepage: https://www.livedrone.club


Location: Germany
About: Don't fear god, Don't worry about death; What is good is easy to get, What is terrible is easy to endure.
Location: Europe
About: Amateur ornithologist and time-loss photographer. Ornithologue amateur et photographe à temps perdu.
Description: test account
Homepage: https://nipponalba.scot/?id=jk
Location: State/Province - Not Applicable, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
Homepage: https://pluspora.com/people/5a428f60ad6701364692005056268def
About: I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more. I'm looking for Connections with an interest in photography, technology, science, and music production.
Location: France
About: Amateur de photos animalières, plus particulièrement les oiseaux.


Description: Innovations in decentralised communications since 1981
Location: Australia
Keywords: zot, zap, osada, hubzilla, red
Description: CEO - GG4L
Age: 57
Location: NV, United States
Hometown: Las vegas
Homepage: www.gg4l.com
Description: https://immerweiterlaufen.de
Location: NRW, Germany
About: I run. 🏃 * My gear * My Races Run with me: my Runlog @ Hubzilla my Runlog @ Wordpress Follow me: @ Hubzilla https://hubloq.net/page/runlog/gear https://hubloq.net/page/runlog/racelist
Description: Northern California Packet Rancher
Location: California, US
Hometown: Sacramento
Homepage: https://bill.exanimate.net/
Keywords: bsd, rpg, openbsd, D&D
About: Everything in excess, especially moderation.
Description: Lifestyle
Age: 70
Location: Liguria, Italy
Hometown: Bordighera
Homepage: https://mainiadriano.blogspot.com/
About: Retired
Description: Internet Evangineer likes music, munching and more. - All posts on personal title, and reposts are not endorsements.
Location: The Netherlands
Hometown: Uithoorn
Description: Roll those dice, life is an adventure!
About: A forum for table top RPG discussion and fun.
Description: Latest news about Osada ☸️ an ActivityPub & Zot6 social networking platform
Homepage: https://zotlabs.com/osada
Description: virtual thief and pickpocketer, or something, hehe
Homepage: https://parasurv.neocities.org
About: I try to find the things that work in life. Is it to late to be a buddhist monk at the age of 40?
Description: Politik geht anders!
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Hometown: Berlin
Homepage: https://deutsche-mitte.de/
About: „Als Systemkritiker entschieden wir uns, Systemveränderer zu werden und haben uns als Bewegung gefunden. Wir haben uns die Organisationsform einer Partei gegeben, als dem derzeit einzig verfügbaren legitimen Rahmen für eine direkte Einflussnahme auf die Parlamente. Getragen von einer positiven Zukunftsvision steht die entschiedene Förderung des Gemeinwohls durch integres Handeln unter Beachtung der Würde des Menschen und der Schöpfung im Zentrum unseres Handelns. Wir reichen allen Gleichgesinnten die Hand.“
Location: Hessen, Germany
Hometown: Wiesbaden


Location: India
Homepage: https://hub.disroot.org/channel/sxp
Keywords: india, indian, desi, reading, books
Hometown: Verses.Space
Homepage: https://yukino.keybase.pub
About: * Landing: https://yukino.keybase.pub * Verify me: https://keybase.io/yukino * See: https://jcsesecuneta.com https://jcsesecuneta.com/profile
Age: 63
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Mayapur
Homepage: https://phanisvara.com
About: not yet
Location: European Union
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Keywords: nondualist, autonomist
Description: Compte de test.
Location: FRANCE
Hometown: Saint-Nazaire
Description: compte de test.
Location: FRANCE
Hometown: Saint-Nazaire
Description: musical gems for refined ears
Homepage: https://osada.usezot.net/channel/jimspearls
Keywords: music, jazz, blues, videos
About: spaceships for everybody
Homepage: www.homehack.nl
About: free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.
Homepage: https://the-wizard.co.za
About: #Introduction Hello! I am Falgn0n The Wizard (not really a wizard). I am an unrelenting optimist and an unapologetic idealist. - also an kind of an #Anarchist Co-admin of #OpenSocialAfrica (we'are aiming for the #SocialCoop / #PlatformCoop model) Founder and admin of "The Freedom Network", [https://librenet.co.za] - which strives to create decentralised social, sharing, communications & freecycling networks at the local community level (also aiming for the #coop model) ... aaand ... I love Wizards
Location: Colorado, USA
Hometown: Detroit
About: free associator, binge watcher, dog lover, urban dweller, IT manager, happy hour appetizer menu sampler
Homepage: https://osada.usezot.net
Keywords: osada, support, help
About: The UseZot Community Support Channel for Osada
About: I run. 🏃
Description: PeteGozzez Osada Channel
Age: 60
Location: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Hometown: Woodside
Homepage: http://tilde.town/~petegozz/Fediverse_Glossary/
About: Fizzed out geek doing some light research for a Fediverse glossary. By actually using platforms.
Description: Home server and mesh network
Homepage: http://freedombone.net
About: Freedombone is a home server system which enables you to self-host internet applications. You can run Freedombone on an old laptop, a single board computer, or use it to set up a mesh network in your local area.
Age: 49
Location: Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Hometown: Santo Domingo Oeste
Homepage: https://waitman.net/
Keywords: osada, zap, photography, software
About: Fun every five minutes
Description: MISTER
Age: 49
Location: Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Hometown: Santo Domingo Oeste
Homepage: https://osada.app/
Keywords: osada, zap, photography, software
About: Forever free upgrades
Description: Mr
Location: UK
Homepage: https://freedombone.net
Keywords: freedombone
About: Free Software hacker and maintainer of the Freedombone project.
Description: Plodder, counting down
Location: Brasil
Hometown: SJCampos
Homepage: http://randalmatheny.com and http://randal.us
About: Brazil resident for 30+ years. Empty nester with the Missus. Recently opened home office.
Age: 54
Hometown: Gara
Homepage: https://static.pepecyb.hu
About: E-Dampf-Aktivist, Hobby-Programmierer und Ungarn-Auswanderer. Den föderierten dezentralen Netzwerken gehört die Zukunft!
Description: Software Engineer
Age: 29
Location: South Carolina, US
Description: Defend liberty with privacy.
Age: 3
Location: Vermont, USA
Hometown: Burlington
Homepage: https://gibberfish.org/
Description: Defend liberty with privacy.
Location: Vermont, USA
Hometown: Burlington
Homepage: https://gibberfish.org/