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Age: 27
Location: New York, United States
About: ExterNetworks is a pioneer in Managed Technology Services with over 17+ years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions featuring design, deployment and 24*7 support to top IT companies. We offer world-class managed services for businesses to stay agile & profitable. Our services include 24/7 Network Monitoring, Uptime maintenance, NOC Support, IT Helpdesk services.
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Age: 48
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About: Forever free upgrades
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About: Retired
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Age: 69
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About: Adriano Maini, pensionato di Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy, fotoamatore (, animatore di Cultura-Barocca (
Location: Nagoya, Japan
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About: Like Garden, Nature, Beer, grilling, Hubzilla, Zot
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Age: 24
About: I'm 24, Gay, I like alcohol and men. I'm generally not a people person, but would like meeting like minded people
Description: Decentralized Denizen
About: Free and open source enthusiast. Champion of technology that supports privacy and freedom.
About: A champion of the open web, decentralized communications, and free and open source software.
Description: Android security and privacy
About: I am Angeleena from, an online on-demand Freelance Information Technology Technician. It solves the challenge of finding the right resource by connecting service providers to a global pool of skilled field engineers.
Field Engineer model is optimized for posting on on-line job boards or careers pages and is simple to customize for your company. We tend to area unit searching for a self-starter Freelance Field service technician to deliver the specified client service expertise. The goal is to drive service success that improves client satisfaction, maximizes client retention and will increase profitable.
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